730 days….

At first glance, the number 730 might not seem like much, but, to me, it means that I have been posting daily blogs for ….

Back in 2020, when we had lots of time on our hands, I decided that it was time to “up my game” with blogging. Basically, this meant that I couldn’t just throw a post out every so often….sometimes 6 weeks would go past without one. Now it was time to get serious!!

The first thing I did was reach out to a fellow blogger, Andrea Huelsenbeck of ARHtistic License, and ask how SHE managed to blog EVERY….SINGLE……DAY!!! As an aside, be sure to check out her blogs about all things creative!!

She gave me some wonderful tips and I decided to challenge myself to try it for 1 year.

Well, that year passed and I still had things to say so I decided to go for TWO years.

Today marks the start of year number THREE!!!!

Am I crazy? Maybe….

Am I still having fun? Definitely…..

And what makes it fun is the interaction that comes thru my readers. I have loved all of the comments….even those that didn’t agree with me…… and I am amazed at the passion and creative minds that exist in the blogosphere!!

Thank you for sticking with me!!!

10th Anniversary

Today marks the 10th anniversary of my quilting blog!!

Image result for blog anniversary photo

I had originally started a travel blog when we spent 2 months in England back in 2007.  Before we left several people had said for me to email them and tell them all about the trip.   As I thought about it, I knew that I wouldn’t spend hours emailing each of those individuals so decided to start a blog and anyone who wanted could have a look at it.   After that, I did another blog for our India trip in 2008 and yet another one for our Australia trip in 2008.  

Then in December of 2008, I got the idea to make ONE blog to hold all of the Arnold family exploits, both quilting and not…. and I called it Quilts & Other Stuff!!!

In these ten years I have met people from all around Georgia, the United States and the world and it has been a blast!!!  I even had one woman stop me at a local theater and tell me that she likes my blog!!

So, for my 10th anniversary post I want to tell you about some “Other Stuff” that happened this weekend…..

On Saturday, my Daughter-In-Law and I visited the Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirrors exhibit at the High Museum in Atlanta.   Amber is a member of the “High” and was able to purchase advance tickets and was sweet enough to invite me along.   

I really knew nothing about the artist but found out that she is an 89 year old Japanese immigrant who started painting when she was 8 years old.  She suffered from some mental illness and hallucinations and says that many of her pieces are designed to let others see the world in the same way that she sees it.

The excitement was palpable as Amber and I stood in line to enter the exhibit at our appointed time…..48361441_10109419037834520_4896550252615565312_n

The first room contained many of her larger-than-life paintings…..


I, of course, loved the triangle borders on many of the pieces…..


There were 7 installation pieces that required waiting in line for 10+ minutes to spend  20 or 30 seconds inside the mirrored room.   That doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, but it was a blast as we talked about what we had just seen and what we were waiting for.  

My favorite room was titled “Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity”……IMG_7326

It was a peaceful room and the flickering lights were serene!! 

The next favorite was “All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins”.  Unfortunately you couldn’t take cameras into this room….apparently because the glass pieces were very fragile and a falling phone or camera could greatly damage the art.     I pilfered these two photos from the Dallas Museum of Art site…..

Yayoi Kusama_All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins_(1)_Courtesy YAYOI KUSAMA Inc., Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo  Singapore and Victoria Miro, London (photography Thierry Bal) © Yayoi Kusama

Although I really liked this view from the floor, I really LOVED the view from the top mirrors…..Yayoi Kusama_All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins_(3)_Courtesy YAYOI KUSAMA Inc., Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo  Singapore and Victoria Miro, London (photography Thierry Bal) © Yayoi Kusama

One of the exhibits called “Love Forever” had a peep hole for two people to look into the exhibit at the same time.   Amber and I had fun taking photos of each other as the lights flashed around us……


One of the cool things about the exhibits is that you are a part of it as your reflection is bounced from wall to wall!!…….IMG_7315

There were several galleries with some of her earlier, more traditional, art.   I especially liked this piece from 1953…..IMG_7319

and this one from 2007 called “Dots Obsession”…..IMG_7334

The final room was called “The Obliteration Room” and this was the sign telling about the exhibit…..


Amber and I got to participate in this exhibit by carefully placing our 6 dots in strategic places in the room…..IMG_7363

It took us several minutes to determine the exact spot that we wanted to cover.   I didn’t get a photo of it, but Amber climbed UNDER this table to place at least one of her dots….


It will be interesting to see” what this room looks like when the exhibit closes in February.   I certainly hope that the High Museum posts a photo!!!


One of her quotes said….   “Everyone asks me where my inspiration comes from, but I just pick up the paintbrush and follow my hand, and the work just flows from me”.

I consider myself to be a “deliberate” artist… I don’t feel that it flows but that I have to work at it, but I am happy with the time and abilities to explore creativity.


Thanks for reading along…….

WOW….don’t we look young!!!!



On May 20, 1977,  I was fortunate enough to marry my very best friend, and THIRTY-FOUR years later we are still living and loving each other every day.

During that 34 years, we have…..

….Received a total of 4 University Degrees ( 1 for me and 3 for Michael)

….Lived in a foreign country  (Australia for 6 years)

….Lived in 5 cities (7 houses)

….Owned  12 cars

….Visited 9 different countries together

….Hiked the Georgia portion of the Appalachian trail

….Watched countless hours of British Sitcoms

….Quoted lines from books and movies back and forth to each other

….Attended an unknown number of sporting events, ranging from Little League baseball and softball to Test Match Cricket

….Raised two wonderful kids and have loved seeing them morph into adults with careers, lives and opportunities in front of them


So, here we are now……

P1060829 …..still holding hands and enjoying life together!!!!



Today I celebrate the first anniversary of my blog writing!!!!

When I started, I was uncertain that I would enjoy blogging, uncertain that it wouldn’t just take up more and more of my time, and uncertain that ANYone would want to read it. Well, all three of those worries were unfounded!!!

I love writing about what I am doing and I have found that the blogging process has helped to focus my quilting energies. I am always thinking about the next project and how I can blog about it. I have also enjoyed the documentation process that goes along with blogging, and have found it to be really helpful to write what you do and why.

Secondly, although it does take time to keep up with, it has been worth every minute spent and, after the honeymoon period passed, I haven’t been glued to my computer night and day.

Finally, the biggest enjoyment of blogging has been the people that I have met along the way…..from the comment written in French that I had to translate, to the “friend of a friend in Australia” comment on the last post. I have connected with known quilters as well as previously unknown ones. I have “met” people who spin with drop spindles, knit until their arms ache, learn to speak Greek just for the heck of it, cook some amazing dishes and, most importantly, keep the art of quilting alive and well in this world. I have given a gift to a total stranger and received one as well. I have been encouraged, complimented, educated and loved by all of you and I thank you!!!!

So, please raise your glasses…..

”To all of the wonderful blogging quilters of the world…..HERE’S TO YOU!!!!!”