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WOW….don’t we look young!!!!



On May 20, 1977,  I was fortunate enough to marry my very best friend, and THIRTY-FOUR years later we are still living and loving each other every day.

During that 34 years, we have…..

….Received a total of 4 University Degrees ( 1 for me and 3 for Michael)

….Lived in a foreign country  (Australia for 6 years)

….Lived in 5 cities (7 houses)

….Owned  12 cars

….Visited 9 different countries together

….Hiked the Georgia portion of the Appalachian trail

….Watched countless hours of British Sitcoms

….Quoted lines from books and movies back and forth to each other

….Attended an unknown number of sporting events, ranging from Little League baseball and softball to Test Match Cricket

….Raised two wonderful kids and have loved seeing them morph into adults with careers, lives and opportunities in front of them


So, here we are now……

P1060829 …..still holding hands and enjoying life together!!!!

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