Quilts and Other Stuff from Frances

More art from the fair….

When I had a break from judging quilts, I enjoyed checking out a few other displays.

Of course, the first thing that I saw was a painting……of a quilt!!

And then I stumbled across the woodwork. Oh my….some of the pieces were amazing!!

Look at the delicacy of this orb…..

… or the designs accomplished with different woods……

And, don’t you love this design…..

And this box of canned goods……

….reminded me of the West Texas Fair and the fun of walking thru the “Home” building!!

I still remember the one ribbon that I won at the fair…..

Of all things, it was for a pair of knitted shoes!!!

Do you have fond memories of attending a Fair??

2 thoughts on “More art from the fair….

  1. I used to do flower arranging (kids section) and won several ribbons. First prize came with $5. Great memories

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