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A favorite ruler and an easy border

I am quickly learning that my favorite quilting ruler is the 6-inch straight edge from Angela Walters. She named it “Slim”……

It works so well for many things but today I used it in quilting a border.

The first step was to quilt 1/2-inch outside of the main quilt…..

Placing the white 1/4-inch marking line on the border seam meant I got a perfect stitch line that was 1/2-inch from the seam.

Next, I wanted to add another stitching line on the outside of the quilt. This was made easy by placing the ruler on the first line and stitching along the other side of the ruler…..

Now I had a channel quilted in the border…..

….and the freedom to fill it however I wanted!!!

I chose to quilt a “Wishbone” design……

Adding the outside line gave me a guide to stop the Wishbone so that the binding didn’t cover it.

In a short time, the border was finished…..

I am sold on this technique and will DEFINITELY use it on future quilts!!!

4 thoughts on “A favorite ruler and an easy border

  1. Gosh i love this technique. I will try it.

    I am putting my grandson minecraft quilt on the frame to stitch with computer this weekend. . I will send a photo when it is finished.


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