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Bargello Play #2

Last month I wrote about the first of my Bargello play quilts…..

While at my Guild Retreat, I decided that I would try it again with some variations.

My original thought was to figure out how to make the lines twist and turn but I finally realized that I could buy a pattern for that so why did I need to reinvent the wheel!!

Actually…….I was just being lazy but the excuse sounds better!!

I found a jelly roll in one of the many bags of fabric that I had brought to the retreat and picked out two sets of fabrics…..

These gorgeous pinks…..

…and these luscious greens…..

I sewed each set together into a strata and then started sub-cutting…..

I did not keep any particular order for the cuts….they were all different sizes. But, I was careful about cutting the same size strip from each stratum.

Now came the fun part of laying out the strips…..

It was interesting to see how much difference it made when the strips were sewn in different orientations!!

At this stage, it was bedtime so I left this pinned to the design board….

and headed for some good sleep.

Come back tomorrow for the finish!!!

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