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Yesterday I wrote about basting the “Star Explosion” quilt.

Today it is time to talk about the quilting process.

As usual, I had TOO many ideas at the start so I put a photo into ProCreate on my I-Pad and practiced drawing some of the designs. The first design that rose to the surface was using a “Dot-To-Dot” (as Angela Walters calls it) design for the stars……

With this design, you start at one point and stitch to a point inside the diamond and then back out to the other point. Then repeat on the other side!!

I wanted the quilting to be symmetrical so I measured and marked the inside points on each diamond……

….and then stitch to the points and back…..

Each one of the diamonds needed to be stitched separately and with the appropriate color….

The stars were easier to do because I could work from the center out and not have to break thread as often……

Once all of that was done, I had to figure out the background fabrics!!

I went back to Procreate and started playing with straight lines…..

I liked this idea…..

….so started with the outside lines.

On a whim, I decided to quilt them at 1/2-inch intervals…..

After tieing off about 50 of these, I started to wonder exactly WHAT I was thinking!!!

But, even with all of the extra work, I loved how it looked….

Come back tomorrow as we finish up the quilting.

As you wait, ask yourself…..”Would she REALLY be crazy enough to quilt 1/4-inch lines?”

2 thoughts on “Ready….Set….Quilt

    1. I hope that it helps Barbara. My biggest tool is printing out lots of photos of the quilts and then drawing in every quilting design that I can think of. In most cases, I come up with one that I really like!!!

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