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Preparing to quilt!!

This past weekend, I showed you the finishing steps for the Star Explosion Quilt Top……

Now it was time to make the back and get it basted.

For the back, I decided to throw in a row of rectangles from the front fabrics…..

The problem with doing this is that it is too easy to get the front on at a different angle so that the back looks lopsided!! Ask me how I know this???

The method that I use to fix this problem (or at least make it less visible), is to mark both sides of the quilt with masking tape that extends beyond the edges….

Then, when I lay the top onto the back and batting, I can still see those markings and line my quilt up appropriately…..

As I spray-basted this top, I kept finding snippets of thread and corners that needed to be trimmed so that they wouldn’t shadow thru to the top. Although I ended up with this pile of Smutz…..

….I obviously missed a bunch because I ended up having to fish out two orange threads and there are a bunch of orange and navy points that are showing thru…..VERY.BIG.SIGH!!!

Once I had laid out the top and trimmed the bits, I folded the top in half…..

…..and spray the batting….

I can then work from the center and carefully position the top in place.

Then, I repeat with the other side.

The final step for me is to add a few safety pins to the edge to hold them in place….

Now is the big question…..


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