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A few that appeal!!

Well, life has gotten in the way of blogging today so this post will be short and sweet!!!

There were a number of quilts that just appealed to me and here are a few of them…..

This quilt in the Tactile Architecture display was made by a team of 5 people with over 35 people involved in some way ……

“It’s a Mad, Mad, Mid-Mod World”

This was one of those quilts that just makes you smile and it was so much fun to listen to people as they walked up and first saw the quilt. The most common comment was “It reminds me of ‘The Jetsons'” and I definitely agree!!

In particular, I love the secondary design that was made from the quilting…..

Speaking of quilting, I found something interesting in this maze quilt from Vicki Miles and Marilyn Popplewell…

“Palace Garden Maze”

At first glance, you think that all of those FMQ stitches are pebbles and everyone knows how LONG it would take to do THAT many pebbles….

BUT, as I came in even closer I could see that it was really a “loopy meander”…..

Now it would still have taken a lot of time but is so much faster to do. As a matter of fact, I often find that my pebbles turn into a loopy meander and my regular meander turns into a loopy meander too.

It is definitely one of my go-to designs!!

The Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) had two different exhibits. the first was called “Gastronomy” and there were a couple of quilts that caught my attention.

This quilt from Dianne Firth was appliqued between two pieces of polyester net and the effect was amazing….


You could see thru the background and, although they don’t show up in the photo, the shadows behind the quilt were wonderful!!

I love the way the quilting adds motion to the design…

This quilt from Sue Colozzi called to me because of the intense thread painting and couching in the greenery…..

“Cranberry Bog Reflection”

Since one of my next projects is to do the background for “Sadie the Saddlebill Stork”, I scrutinized many of these types of quilts and came home with a few ideas that seem to be working….spoiler alert….once we get thru the show, I will show you what I have been working on!!

In that same vein, have a look at this thread-painted beauty from Alison King….

“Once Loved”

Look at these amazing details in the grass…..

….and especially on the roof and chimney…..


Okay….sorry that this one is so short and sweet, but more to come tomorrow!!!

6 thoughts on “A few that appeal!!

    1. Mary, it has been so much fun re-living the show by writing these posts. It is just too hectic when you are there to see everything and I have loved scrutinizing the photos and reading the artist statements!!

    1. You are so welcome Catharine. I am enjoying re-living the show as I write these posts. There is just too much to take in at the show itself so this is the next best thing!!!

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