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Note to self…..

If you THINK that your machine sounds funny and the tension looks weird…….

AND CHECK IT before you finish quilting the block……

Fortunately, the tension was SO bad that the stitches came out easily and this looks MUCH better……

You would think that someone who has been quilting as long as I have would have already learned this lesson!!!

What quilting lessons do you have to learn OVER and OVER again???? (Please tell me that you have some!!!)

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7 thoughts on “Note to self…..

  1. Recent I tried using bad batting. In the end, I got to pick out a third of the quilt and remove the mistake and resandwich the whole thing. I should have known better. Polyester pushes the quilting

  2. I ‘ve learned to NEVER assume….. that just b/c you’ve been sewing a long time, esp on a lot of the same blocks, that you don’t need to ‘square them up’ before attaching them to each other!
    ……you know how a fabric will behave after you’ve finished your quilt, [so if you plan on machine washing after, do it also, before you cut your fabric!]
    …….that a fabric store is cutting your fabric on the straight of the grain [straighten it yourself before you cut]
    i could go on–but you guys know all the other or have some of your own “nevers”

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