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Straight Strip Sets…..

Say that 3 times fast….. STRAIGHT…..STRIP…..SETS!!

Not only is it a tongue twister, but it can be an issue when you are creating a Bargello quilt…..

….and that is what I have been doing this past week. The quilt is due at tonight’s quilt guild meeting and, amazingly, I had it finished FOUR days ago. That is probably a record for me with Challenge Quilts!!

I will talk more about the design process on Thursday and thru the week, but today I wanted to show how I sew and iron my strip sets to ensure that they are even and that the seams are straight.

As I sewed, I put together this video to show you the process.

If you are viewing this blog post on your email, you will need to click into the actual blog post to see it. For some reason, it won’t embed directly.

Be sure to come back on Thursday when I will talk about the design considerations in this Bargello Challenge!!

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