IT’s my BLOGoversary!!

Today is the FOURTEENTH anniversary of my blog…..

I started this blog as a travel log when Michael and I made our first long overseas trip. We spent 2 months in England and many friends requested that I send emails about the trip. I decided that if I wrote to everyone who wanted to hear about it, I wouldn’t have time to SEE anything to write about!!

Instead, I put it all in blog posts and let my friends if they wanted to.

What I found was that I was more observant in my travels when I knew that I had to write something about it. Going home at the end of the day and writing about all that had been seen was so much fun!

In 2008, I had the idea to do something similar for my quilting. I figured that, if I was posting about it I would be more observant and likely to learn new things that I wanted to share.

So, my first QUILTING post looked like this…..

I have decided that today is the day to start keeping a “quilting and other stuff” diary and publish it as a blog. Wish me luck!!!!!

This past Fall I had a conversation with some friends about how many Unfinished Projects we each had hidden away in our quilting studios. I responded that “I don’t have very many” and then started wondering whether or not I had just told a fib. As I started trying to list them in my mind, I realized that there were actually quite a few. So, 2 weeks ago I cleaned out my studio from top to bottom and found ALL of my UFO’s…..I was shocked at how many there were.

I started to make a list of them and then realized that I had done this many times before and would promptly put the list somewhere where I could forget about it. So, I got the idea to make the list in a different way this time. I got out my camera and photographed each of the projects, along with any fabrics or other stuff that I had put aside for it. Then I printed out two sheets of paper with nine photos on each paper (that’s right…..18 UFO’s) and pinned it to the cork board in my studio.

The plan is that I will slowly work thru them and mark them off of the list as I go. We will see how well it goes!!!!

And, before you ask, YES some of those UFO’s are still around!!

I have loved keeping this journal over the years and especially like that I have a record of every quilt that I have made since 2008. Just yesterday, I went back to one in 2011 to remember how to do something!!

Even though I enjoy this process, I would never have continued if it hadn’t been for readers like you!!

10 thoughts on “IT’s my BLOGoversary!!

  1. I love reading your blog. It’s only been since Feb 2022 and I have learned so much from it. Your transparency about the process has taught me and encouraged me in my quilting endeavors. Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much Christie. Your comment is exactly what I HOPE happens when people read the posts. You have greatly encouraged me over the last few months and I truly appreciate that!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary, and thank you for posting on quilting. I’ve had to put off working on one for about a month. I can’t wait to get back to it.

    1. You are Welcome Mary. As you know, blogging can be a LOT of fun and I love the people that I am meeting along the way….yourself included!!! I hope that you can find time over the holidays to put in a few stitches!!

  3. Hi Frances,
    I try to finish a quilt before starting the next, as I hate having all the fabrics cluttering my sewing room floor. A trick I’m trying out is to make a list on my iPad of all the projects I’d like to do, which motivates me to complete the current one before starting the next. It doesn’t always work though. Just finished making two Christmas wreaths and have lots of festive squares to tidy! At the same time I’m making a couple of head bands with ribbon roses for my 7 month old granddaughter and a dress for her that’s not yet cut out.
    Good luck with your backlog and happy anniversary. I only recently subscribed to your blog. Thanks for the tips on sewing straight long pieces!

    1. Hi Pamela. Thanks for these thoughts and for subscribing to the blog. I hope that you find lots of ideas, tips and inspirations here!! I would love to see some of your creations!!

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