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QuiltCon23 -Small Quilts

Under the Quilt Con rules, a “Small Quilt” is judged ONLY by its size. It doesn’t matter what technique is used. As long as the perimeter of the quilt is less than 119 inches, it can go into the category.

Here are a few of my favorites…..

This first one was made of 1/4-inch hexagons…..YES….1/4-inch……Yikes…..

“Highs and Lows: Year 1” by Sheri-Cifaldi-Morrill

She started this on March 18, 2020….the first day of the COVID crisis!! Each set of rows represents one month….the top row represents the low temperature and the bottom is the high for the day.

“The Little Bitty Block Party” by Nikki Woolsey

The blocks are 3-inch modified log cabin blocks. It was very effective!!!

Now, if you really don’t like burying thread tails, you might try this……

“Back In Therapy” by Laura Hartrich

The thread tails are covered with Tulle and then quilted into the design…..

Such fun!!!

I truly loved the quilting on this next quilt…..

“Which Way Did they Go? 21” by Patti Kupferer

In her artist statement, she said that the quilting was inspired by several stained glass windows that had various sections in them. She chose to fill these sections with quilting rather than glass!!!

This is some amazing quilting.

And, look at the cut-outs at the base of each of the geese columns/rows.

This blue and green strip pieced quilt zooms in on the narrowing neck of a wicker basket……

“Wicker & Woven I” by Cristina DeMiranda

I love the idea of taking an object, focusing on a certain aspect of it, and using that to design a quilt.

Oh great…something else to add to the list of quilts that I want to make!!!

This quilt was interesting too…..

“Sunset Wavescape” by Kyona Nason

I love the way that the waves are formed without there being a single curvy line!!! She achieved this by creating two panels of wedge shapes arranged into color gradients and then interleaved them together to make this great wave!!!

This was the 2nd place winner…..

“Exploring the Cosmos: Space Junk” by Nancy Powell

It had improvisational piecing, perfect matchstick quilting, and bits of hand stitching thrown in for good measure.

The first-place quilt was this one……

“Color Riot” by Stephanie Ruyle

Once again, it featured improvisational piecing, impeccable matchstick quilting, and bits of handwork.

One of the things that I love about matchstick quilting is the ridges that form when you leave a bit larger space between SOME of the quilting rows.

Come back tomorrow and we will look at more from QuiltCon!!!

If you have an interest in ruler quilting, check out this online course…..

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