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A little Traditionalism at QuiltCon

One thing that I love about the Modern Quilt Movement is that they often take traditional patterns…..patterns that my grandmother enjoyed making…..and turn them into new and different creations!!

That was exactly what I found in the “Modern Traditionalism” category at QuiltCon 2023. These quilts must modernize a traditional block or quilt pattern with modern design elements!!

This first quilt was a double winner…..receiving the 1st place ribbon and a Judge’s Choice Award…..

“Outbound” by Michelle Bartholomew

Just look at the piecing and how some of those “flying geese” are almost invisible…..

As I walked up to the next quilt, I was asked if I wanted to see the back so let’s start there…..

Doesn’t that look great!!!

Now let’s look at the front of this 3rd-place ribbon quilt…..

“Spin Cycle” by Maria Shell

I love the use of modified log cabin and star blocks!!

Many of the quilts that I saw were based on a split-x design and I especially love this one…..

“It’s Trippy” by Michelle DeliaMaria

I absolutely LOVE the colors!!

This quilt uses improvisational stars…..

“Monterey Kelp” by Michelle Trimble

…and these pinwheels are amazing…..

“Modern Pinwheesl” by Donald K. Wattam

The three-dimensional effect is astounding!!!

I have seen this pattern before, but I love the design and colors…..

“Zetus Lapetus” by Matthew Friesz

Probably my very favorite was this one…..

“Sweet Tea Summer” by Catherine Beemer

One of the reasons that I was attracted to this quilt was the amazing quilting…..

Finally, there was classic Storm at Sea quilt…..

“Ripple Effect” by Nancy Messuri

I love the perspective changes in this quilt!!!

There were lots more quilts in this category, but these were my favorites!!

Come back tomorrow for more Quilt Con 2023 Highlights!!

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