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Quilt Con – Let’s get minimalist!!

As I wandered into this category, I wondered exactly what constituted a Minimalist Quilt. The answer was waiting for me……

EXTREME SIMPLIFICATION….how is that done??

The first quilt that I saw was this one……

“Learning Curve” by Betsy Vinegrad

…and I LOVED the simplification!!!

There were two “white on white” quilts that were each interesting in their own way. The first one…..

“Milky Opals” by Lorena Uriarte

….has great quilting to accent the circles, but when you get closer to the circles…..

…you can see that the textures are from various types of fabric. It was ingenious!!!

The next “white” quilt……

“+ X” by Jera MacKenzie

….looked like it was an incredible example of precision piecing.

BUT NO….instead it is a white fabric over a black batting so the white parts are where the seam allowances keep the batting from showing thru. Have a closer look…..

The feeling of transparency is even further emphasized in this quilt!!

“Watercolor Study No. 12” by Audrey Esarey

I enjoy the green lines formed by improvisational piecing….

“Leaves of Grass” by Heather Pregger

It is so stunning with the black background fabric!!

There were others that I enjoyed, but this last one was my FAVORITE…..

Now you are probably looking at this and seeing a blue circle set on four different shades of purple fabric…..


The purple background fabric is all ONE fabric and the color changes are made with the quilting threads. Look closely at this zoom-in photo…..

When it is up this close, you can’t see the color change but when you step away…..it is ASTOUNDING!!!

I definitely consider this to be Minimalisn at its best!!!

Keeping coming back for more excitement from QuiltCon!!

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