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This ain’t my Mama’s Log Cabin

As I mentioned yesterday, I love that the Modern Quilt Movement often builds off of traditional blocks. Today we look at the Log Cabin Block challenge……

“Power Struggle” by Barbara Danzi

In this quilt, the purple and orange battle it out for prominence!!

“Log Cabin Play” by Louise Wackerman

I appreciated her artist statement and thought you might like to read it too……

What a fun way to make a quilt!!!

This next quilt is the epitome of a Minimal Log Cabin. In her statement, she said she wanted to deepen the saturation of the fabrics as the size increased. I think that she accomplished that!!!

I Love the textures that sprung from the quilting (quilted by Monika Jozsa).

This quilt is based on the nest of a Funnel Web Spider…..one of the deadliest spiders in Australia…..

“Nest” by Wendy Nutt

I am not sure about the inspiration but it has an amazing perspective!!

This improv Nine-Patch is certainly colorful!!!…..

“Blink” by Steph Skardal

I really liked this quilt……

“Thumbprints” by Jennifer Sorenson

I love the improvisational piecing in each of the strip sections.

This quilt started off with a bunch of curved strips and grew from there…..

“Thumbprints” by Jennifer Sorenson

I loved her comment about this improv piecing process. She said it was “at times freeing and oftentimes frustrating.” Haven’t we ALL felt that way??

Well, that is all for today. Come back tomorrow and we will finish up this category!!!

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Thank you…….

4 thoughts on “This ain’t my Mama’s Log Cabin

  1. I especially like that last one but not sure I need to take on any more frustration. Ha. Thanks!

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