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More Modern Log Cabins

Yesterday, I posted several quilts from QuiltCon-2023, each in the “Log Cabin” category. Here are a few more…..

This first quilt took the 1st place ribbon in the Log Cabin Challenge……

“Concentric” by Betsy Vinegrad

It is an amazing example of geometry in quilting…..

And, adding the concentric circle quilting just tops it off perfectly!!

This next quilt was made in the same style as one of the minimalist quilts. This entire piece is cut from one fabric, but layered with black batting. So, the value changes are where the batting is shining thru the single layers of fabric…..

“It’s Not What it Seams” by Marah Light

Have a closer look…..

This one reminds me of the old TV test patterns!!!

“Ultimo” by Roberta Sperandio

A closer looks shows that she construted black and white strip sets and then used those strips to build her log cabin…..

Simply AMAZING!!

The last one is a portrait of Maya Angelou….and yes….it is made out of log cabin blocks…..

It is a huge quilt and you have to back away from it for it to look really good. YOU may like it better if you squint just a bit at the picture!!

In his viewer statement he said that this is the second portrait that he has made. The first one was squares and triangles without the log cabin portion. He made this one, challenging himself to use log cabins. He answered the question that we always ask….it took about 100 hours to create and there are approximatley 2500 pieces in it!!!

Okay….that wraps up the Log Cabin Challenge!!!

Tomorrow, we will take a stab at the piecing division…..please come back for more.

If you have an interest in ruler quilting, check out this online course…..

Click HERE for more information

2 thoughts on “More Modern Log Cabins

  1. Amazing. How do people even do some of these patterns like that first one? They must design on a computer and print out a pattern, right?

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