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Innovative Piecing at Quilt Con-2023

Today we are starting to look at my FAVORITE category….PIECING.

The definition for QuiltCon was this…..

And believe me….they did!!!

I LOVE the fabrics in this quilt…..

“My Alhambra No. 2” by Tighe Flanagan

She paired Shot Cottons and Grey linen to achieve this effect….and LOOK at all of the sides in each of those pieces!!

In the artist statement for this next quilt, she encourages you to take a “Second Glance” to see the 8 circles looking back at you…..

“Second Glance” by Tania Tanti

I am not exactly sure I see the circles, but I like the quilt!!!

The next one was definitely a favorite…..wait….do I say that about everyone I show????

“Skye” by Julia Wachs

Just look at the intricacy of the piecing…..

And of course, the machine quilting certainly “floats my boat”!!

Next, we have “366 Kites”…..

“366 Kites” by Tighe Flanagan

You MUST read the artist’s statement…..


I found the next one interesting because of the circles that I played with back in September…..

“Three Ring Circus” by Kelly Spell

I really want to study this one some more to see if I can figure out exactly how she pieced it!!

Okay….this next one enthralls me…..

“Up Cake Down Cake” by Ann Feitelson

She made such good use of her striped fabrics and I absolutely love the way that some “cakes” are right side up, some are right side down and some can’t seem to make up their mind.

OKAY…..I will stop there for today.

Come back tomorrow and we will finish up the piecing division!!

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One thought on “Innovative Piecing at Quilt Con-2023

  1. Those quilts are amazing. I dont think my mind thinks like that. I love the quilting style Straight Narrow lines.

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