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More Quilt Con Piecing Specialties

Yesterday I started posting some of the quilts from the Piecing Division of QuiltCon 2023. Today I want to finish going thru my favorites…..

This one is a bit wild and crazy but won a Second Place ribbon…..

“Raspberry Sherbet” by Susan Lapham

I am NOT good at improv piecing and really do admire those that can do it!!

This quilt won Third Place…..

“Sunshine Daydream” by Karen Stone

I really like the bright fabrics against the dark purples.

Have a look at the quilting…..

I adore the daisies with lots of additional lines in the petals. I need to play with that some!

The curved piecing in this next quilt was PERFECT……

“Ottoman Rings No 6” by Tighe Flanagan

In her artist statement, she says that the fabrics include both solids and gradations which gives it more depth. I hadn’t noticed the color changes but not it is all that I can see.

Here is “Raspberry Lime Rickey”….sounds refreshing…..

“Raspberry Lime Rickey” by Ann Feitelson

She said that she wanted to focus on color interactions in these kaleidoscope blocks rather than the strong graphic contrast that you find with most kaleidoscopes. I think that she definitely accomplished that.

The next quilt is really groovy……

“Lava Lamps” by Molli Sparkles

This makes a fun quilt!!

When I saw this next quilt, I thought that it was applique and wondered why it was in the piecing division…..

“Mask #3 – The stoic” by Scott Culley

If you use a color filter, you can apparently see all three of the expressions on the man’s face. What I enjoyed about it was getting up-close and personal with the piecing…..

That is a LOT of little bitty pieces!!

The last quilt won the NACQA (National Assn. of Certified Quilt Judges) “Award of Merit”…….

“Joan of Arc” by Veruschka Zarate

It is foundation pieced using 20 colors and 1,453 fabric shapes!!

I particularly like the light reflected in the quilt!!

Well, that is it for Piecing. tomorrow we tackle the “Improvisation” category…..it is a biggie!!!

If you have an interest in ruler quilting, check out this online course…..

Click HERE for more information

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