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Let’s improvise!!

As I have said previously, I am NOT good at improvisational piecing, so I was excited to see the quilts in this division.

The first quilt was one that I saw at Houston and I loved it just as much this time…..

“One In Every Four” by Carolina Onet0

The colors are so intense and the black squares just accent them.

The story on this next quilt was interesting…..

“98.7 Degrees” by Juli Smith

I love how she incorporated thread into the design……

This next quilt reminded me of my desire to piece circles but I love how she sliced them up……

“More Whole Than Broken” by Kathy Cook

And then there are the Big-Stitch circles that tie it all together…..

Karen Stone made this next quilt and it was awarded a 2nd-place ribbon…..

“Gotcha” by Karen Stone

It is a very similar style to her quilt from the Pieced division (see yesterday’s post) and, once again, I love the colors, the design, and the quilting….what else is there!!

The last quilt for today won the 1st-place ribbon…..

“Turnip” by Susan Lapham

Susan says that she works intuitively, moving back and forth between the design wall and the sewing machine as she ponders, designs, and engineers each piece…..doesn’t that sound wonderful!!

Come tomorrow for a few more in this category!!!

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Thank you…….

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