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Let’s Innovate Some More

Today we will continue with yesterday’s Improvisational (I said Innovate in the heading) category quilts from Quilt Con 2023…..

This first one has lots more curves for me to be enthralled by……

“Currents” by Rebecca Swank

This one is inspired by NASA animations depicting ocean surface currents!!! I am CONSTANTLY amazed at were we get all of our inspiration!!

I saw this next quilt as a cute quilt but then read the statement and found out that is about death…..

“Memento Mori” by Emily Watts

I still like it!!!

I am not normally a fan of piecing that has no real definition to it but this quilt ticked my fancy…..

“Piece by Piece” by Jane Grant

Jane said that her design idea was to have one or more focal points and to somehow “explode” the center of each outwards to create a sense of motion. I would say that she definitely accomplished that!!

I think that the thing I like about it is the background with the “dots” of greys and blacks among the whites!!

I love the rich colors in this piece…..

“The Weight” by Deborah Ryan

This was probably my favorite quilt in this category…..

“Green Screen Green” by Emille Trahan

It makes me feel like I am sitting in the middle of a greenhouse, smelling the mulch and enjoying the warmth.

I especially love how the quilting amplifies the shapes…..

I will leave it there for today and tomorrow we will finish up this category. There is LOTS more to see!!!

If you have an interest in ruler quilting, check out this online course…..

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