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One Last Stroll Thru Improvisation

Okay….let’s finish up the Improvisational Category at Quilt Con 2023.

I took a LOT of photos of this first quilt because I loved the soft tones and deep textures……

“Beach” by Leanne Chahley

I don’t know about you, but after looking at this quilt for a few minutes, I felt like I had been to the beach!!

I love SO many things about this quilt, from the geometric fish…..

…to the skinny seaweed…..

….and don’t get me started about the quilting…..

IT added SO much texture to the quilt.

This year I seem very much drawn to curves so this quilt quickly pulled me in…..

“A Way Through” by Natalie Skinner

Natalie said that sewing these gentle curves helped pull her thru the uncertainty of the COVID panic. I can see how it could do that!!

All I can say about this next quilt is WOW…..

“Prism” by Miguel Huidor

Obviously, it is a simple idea with simple piecing but MAN does the quilting make a statement…..

I found this Black and White quilt to be very calming….

“Calligraphy Practice I” by Donna Blalock

I started a piece many years ago that used these tiny strips…..

I think that it might be time to pull it out again!!

This final quilt appealed to me for the colors used….

“Coral Charade” by Steph Skardal

…but as I looked further, I started to enjoy the layering effect that she could attain…….

It reminded me of the dilemma I have with my hotel carpet quilt that I had talked about in this post……

Maybe, just maybe I have a glimmer of an idea for how to approach my quilt.

Alright….we have now finished the Improvisation Category at Quilt Con. Don’t worry, there is still a LOT to come!!

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