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Floor or inspiration???

For the last 5 years, when Linda and I have gone to the International Quilt Festival we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express hotel….2 blocks away from George Brown convention center.

Each year I have looked fondly at the carpet in the halls and entryways…..

I have taken numerous flat photos of the designs (and my feet!!)…..

….and have dreamed of the quilt that I could make like this.

This year I decided to do something about it!!!!

So, I visited the Cherrywood Fabrics booth, took my phone with these photos, and picked out fabrics to use in the quilt……

Maybe if I have spent the money on the fabric, I will actually MAKE the quilt!

My original thought was to applique the teardrop shapes but, after seeing this quilt at the festival…..

….I have about decided to cut out each circle and then cut away the teardrops.

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5 thoughts on “Floor or inspiration???

  1. I think I would find a friend with a cricut machine to cut the circles and teardrops, then I would appliqué.

    1. That is a good idea Janet. I am certainly not averse to trying it by applique. As I write this, I was thinking of hand applique, but I could easily fuse it and do it by machine!! THANK YOU for sending me down another creative path!! Whatever I decide, I am going to simplify the design a lot!!

  2. I can’t tell you the number of times that I have been in hotel or restaurant and been taking photos of my feet and the upholstry.
    I’m sure that particular hotel staff just shrugs and says there’s another crazy quilter.

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