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Easy Basting…..

No…..I am not talking about cooking the Thanksgiving turkey…..I am talking about getting a quilt layered and ready to quilt.


It started in a Houston class with machine quilter, Christa Watson. It was a wonderful class and in passing, she mentioned that she bastes her quilts on her design wall.

I have heard that people do this but I could never figure out how you sprayed it without it getting ALL OVER EVERYWHERE!! But, she mentioned that she sprayed the pieces outside and then transferred them to her studio and pinned them on the design wall.

Okay…..that might work!!!

On Sunday I started out in the garage…..

….and ended up with a perfectly basted quilt in my studio……

I filmed it as I worked thru the process and present this video to show you the nitty gritty.

The video is 23 minutes long but it is all done in real-time, meaning that it took less than 20 minutes to baste the quilt!!

Have a watch and see if this is something that you might like to try……

Obviously, I wouldn’t have the room to do this with a full-size quilt but it worked well for this large lap quilt.

Here it is after I trimmed it, pressed it, and added a few safety pins around the edge….

Tomorrow I will get started with the quilting process.

Stay tuned for more about the quilting of this fun sampler quilt!!

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4 thoughts on “Easy Basting…..

  1. Thank you for posting this. You made this technique look easy. I know I would have fiddled more along the way. But it is certainly nice not to have to get on the floor to pin-baste. Now I’m tempted to take things off my wall to make a design wall.

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