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IQF Finale…..

This is day thirteen of our tour of my favorite quilts from the International Quilt Festival. I have probably shown 100 quilts but remember that there were over 1,100 of them on display!!!

There were so many different exhibits and today I want to highlight several quilts from the “Color Sequences and Improvisation” exhibit which showcased quilts made by Caroline Oneto. Her work is described as a journey through color, curves, improvisation, and mathematics…..all my favorites!!!

This first quilt uses themes of music and color…..


I love the movement that the free-motion quilting adds to the quilt…..

The basis for the next quilt is sad (1 in 4 people living in urban South America lives in poverty), but the quilt is so interesting…..

“One in Every Four”

I love the colors in this quilt…..

….and especially the informal quilting that ties it together…..

In the “Hands All Around” exhibit, I loved the depth provided by the fabric arrangement in this quilt from Noreen Borys….

It is another example of a simple design where the fabrics did all of the heavy lifting!!!

The “In the American Tradition” exhibit took traditional patterns and morphed them into something NOT traditional. This quilt from Lorainne Woodruff-Long certainly did exactly that……

“Quilt Melt”

This quilt from Susan Lapham and quilted by John Tsiaperas was a wonderful strip pieced quilt……

I love the grid quilting….again it is simple and effective!!

Finally, I leave you with a quilt from Debbie Jeske based on BACON……


….a TASTY way to end!!!

I have loved showing you around the 2022 International Quilt Festival and pointing out some of my favorite quilts and techniques. It has given me a chance to look deeper at the quilts, read the artist’s statements, and gain a greater appreciation for the work that was presented!!

Tomorrow we return to the daily posts about things a bit more mundane but hopefully things that will help you in your creative endeavors!! Please join me!!

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