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It’s Eye-Candy time again!!

Today I want to show a few more quilts that caught my eye at the International Quilt Festival.

There was an exhibit called “Inspired by Washington”, and this quilt from Dana Brennan Hancock was a great depiction of Union Station…..

“Union Station”

This simple, uncluttered design was very effective!!

Wonderfil presented an exhibit called “Layers of Memories” which featured quilts from Katie Fowler. These two were favorites…..

“Square Pegs”
“Thick As A Brick”

When I first looked at this quilt, I thought that the holes were appliqued but, after further inspection, I discovered that they were cut out and layered over the previous brick. SO much easier to accomplish!!

Over the years I have seen numerous quilts made by a group of people where each quilter was supposed to produce a section of an overall picture. This one from the Taiwan Art Quilt Society was by far the best one that I have ever seen……

“Butterfly Garden”

Each quilter provided one panel in this glorious garden…..

It was so effective!!!

Linda and I spoke at length with Priscilla Bianchi from Guatemala….

She had a solo exhibit using traditional Guatemalan fabrics. This was one of my favorites…..

“Rainbow Orange”

With my new-found love of circle piecing, this might be a fun pattern to play with…..someday!!!

And the final one for today is this portrait quilt from Shin Hee-Chin…..

“The Grimke Sisters”

These are the “Grimke” sisters who were advocates of abolition and women’s rights. This quilt was part of the “Deeds Not Words” exhibit.

The quilt becomes much more interesting when you move in closer……

Just look at the embroidery…..

It is amazing how she uses such a rough embroidery technique to show great detail in the faces!!

Well, we are coming to the end of our tour of the International Quilt Festival. Come back tommorrow as we finish it up!!

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  1. I was lucky to see Pricilla teach at Asilomar many years ago. I was in Jan Krenz class on lone star but we got to visit other classes at the end of the week. I put Pricilla as a teacher for the future

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