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The Frank Klein Collection

As Linda and I walked around the show we ended up in the Frank Klein Collection. Now you may ask “Who the heck is Frank Klein?”

He is a Texas art collector with an emphasis on the art quilt. His love of family, photography, and nature has developed a collection of fine art quilts that inspires the nature lover in all of us!!…..or so says the poster!!!

The collection that we saw included some of his favorite quilts collected over the past decade.

Fortunately, many of these quilts were MY favorites too and it was fun to re-live quilts of the past few years!!

Kestrel Michaud created this wonderfully sentimental quilt…..

“Brewing Friendship”

Kestrel is also the creator of “Not Today” from the Small Pictorial Category that I posted about a few days back.

I feel that Frank Klein has a fun sense of humor since this quilt by Christine Holden was included…..

“What Happens in the Swamp”

I love the look on the alligator’s face!!

Who can resist this brightly colored New York Beauty quilt from Karla West Dee….


Jane Sassaman had a quilt included too……

“Johnny Jump-Ups”

I think that blue and yellow are perfect together!!

I love the look of this disheveled owl from Pat Bishop…..

“I See”

Betty Busby did LOTS of intricate cutting to create this great quilt…..


Look at the details….

The sweet colors in this quilt from Nancy Sterett Martin are so appealing to me……

“A King on His Throne”

Terry Aske created this colorful quilt…..


…..with some amazing matchstick quilting…..

Wouldn’t it be fun to own all of these quilts!!! I would never get anything done because I would be too busy looking at each one in detail!!

Come back tomorrow and we will look at more eye candy from the International Quilt Festival!!

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