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A smaller view

There were 47 entries in the “Small” Pictorial Quilts category at the International Quilt Festival. In this post, I have managed to narrow it down to a dozen favorites!

So…..let’s go!!

Mimi Ghauri-Young produced this quilt that really does look like a Matisse painting…..

“Seaside View — Homage to Matisse”

This quilt from Judith Phelps is painted and machine quilted…..


As with many of these pictorial quilts, the quilting makes all the difference…..

The expressions on these sheep faces drew me into this quilt from Enid Weichselbaum……

“Lambing Time”

Karen Hull Sienk used mixture of piecing and fused applique to create this wonderful canyon scene…..

“Tribute II”

I love how the pieced border echoes the interior picture.

This Third-place winner from Roxanne Nelson was a study in detail…..

“Come on In, the Water’s Fine”

Just look at how many fabrics are used to create the eye…..

….and these couched threads work perfectly as whiskers….

For the last few years, there have been so many quilts that came from the quilters in Taipei City, Taiwan. This beauty from Li-hsiang Wang is another of those…..

“Making Rice Dumplings”

Sandra Mollon used fused applique, dying, inking and machine quilting to create this wonderful landscape….

“Toroweap Overlook”

Ann Pigneri created this quilt from a photograph that she had taken……

“Fort Lauderdale”

In particular, I love the reflections…..

Carolyn Allison used a photo to depict her grandsons on a windy day at the beach…..

“Look! They’re Not Fighting!”

In particular, I was enamored with the movement in the clothing…..

The horizontal lines in this quilt by Deanna Corrigan are the perfect contrast to the applique!!

“Mountain Lake”

I loved this quilt from Sue Colozzi…..

“Snug Harbor Egret”

And was particularly impressed and interested in the thread painted foliage…..

Finally, Kestrel Michaud presented this fun quilt based in a steampunk junkyard……

“Not Today”

Just look at the detail in the Roadrunner…..

Well, that is it for the pictorial category. Tomorrow we will have a look at some of the quilts in the Pieced category!!!

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