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Get the BIG picture

Today I will work thru the LARGE Pictoral quilts and tomorrow will hit the small ones.

It was an amazing category!!!

The first-place winner was “The Memories That Remain” by Lynn Czaban…..

“The Memories That Remain”

Can you say WOW!!!!

Just look at his face…..

The thing that I love about this quilt is that there is no painting involved. It is made with fused applique, thread-sketching, and machine quilting!!

She took the design from two photos that were taken in 1935!! They were in the public domain and documented in the Library of Congress. Her artist statement said “I imaged this gentleman gazing wistfully into the distance, thinking of a life well lived and the woman he loved!!”


Next is a quilt by Hiroko Miyana and Msanobu Miyama……

“Catch It, Yuri!”

This quilt made wonderful use of dying, painting, fused applique, and FMQ. The quilting added so much to the design…..

“Memories of a Maiko” by Melissa Sobotka is painted, embroidered, embellished, and machine quilted…..

“Memories of a Maiko”

Just look at the detail on the face……

…and don’t miss the matchstick quilting in the background.

Karen Lambdin created this fun quilt…..

“Spiral Vortex”

It looks as if it is intricately pieced, but instead, it is appliqued……

But look at all of those pebbles!! I have to wonder how long it took to quilt!!

Jane Sassaman had a number of quilts in the show, including this fun, fanciful design…..

“Illinois Album 2”

I honestly hadn’t noticed the butterfly in the center until I posted the above photo!! Part of the appeal of this quilt was her use of machine embroidery stitches in the background…..

It was very effective and added another dimension to the quilt!!

Karen Eckmeier created this quilt as part of her “Happy Villages” series, although only the mermaids will be living in her “Sunken Citadel”

“Sunken Citadel”

There were so many fun things about this quilt, but the fish topped the list for me…..

I love that they each have different colored tails!!

Karen also produced the next quilt…..

“Tree Town”

She obviously loves giving the observer plenty of things to look at…..

This quilt had a layer of Tulle holding the appliques down for quilting.

Come back tomorrow for the smaller versions of the Pictorial category!!

2 thoughts on “Get the BIG picture

  1. You can imagine how I feel about these masterpieces. My one-and-done piece was certainly an accomplishment for me- with much help and encouragement from Francis. Hats off to these true artists!

    1. I do get how you are feeling Dale but I know without a doubt that every one of these quilters started out with something small that they didn’t really like in the end!!! These are definitely NOT from first-timers!!

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