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A quilt with a view

I am not sure exactly what is the difference between a “Landscape Quilt” and a “Pictorial Quilt”, but today let’s look at a few of the quilts in the Landscape division!!

Now I LOVE these types of quilts and, if you remember, have one in process, although if I don’t get going on it, it may end up in the UFO category!!!

I’ll start with this one that was pieced and was one of my favorites, made by Barbara Danzi…..

“Fern Forrest”

It is very stylized but I love the impressions that you get from the piece!! You can definitely feel the ferns!!

This next quilt, by Susan McBride Gilgen and Cheryl Paul Styler had a bit of everything in it…..

“Remembering Old Nauvoo”

There was Applique, Embellishing, Embroidery, Dyeing, Piecing, AND Quilting. There was even some tatting!! I had to scour the photo to find it, but it is used as an embellishment in the binding. Sorry for the quality of this photo, but at least you will get the idea…..

The colors in this quilt by Susan Jackan definitely appeal to me…..

“Nature’s Architecture II”

She said that it was inspired by photos of rock formations in Utah and she marveled that a tree could actually take root in such a challenging environment. She used painting, hand piecing, and machine quilting.

Nancy Hershberger created this magnificent Autumn scene based on a photograph of the Great Smoky Mountains….

“Tennessee Autumn

The leaves were done with snippets and were super effective…..

….and the quilting added great movement. You can feel the leaves blowing in the breeze!!!

I am always interested in how quilters portray water in their masterpieces…..

Finally, Barbara Matzke produced an amazing river mill scene…..

“Glade Creek Grist Mill”

The threadwork in the trees was wonderful…..

….and I especially appreciated the piecing in the bottom of the quilt…..

It was a great way to recognize that this was a quilt and not a photograph!!

In the same vein, tomorrow I will show a set of Pictorial quilts. Believe me….you WON’T want to miss them!!

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