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Let’s Quilt It!!

There was one category at the International Quilt Festival that simply didn’t do much for me. Sadly, it was the machine quilting competition!!

There were 15 quilts in the category. Let me show you a few of them……

The first-place-winning quilt was created by Deb Schultz Grimes…..

“A Tribute to Ricky”

I had trouble getting really good photos of the quilting but found these two images on “The Quilt Show”…..

She did a nice job of creating a LOT of texture with the quilting!!

The Third-Place Ribbon went to Karen Hogan…..

“Trip to America”

She said that it was made with “original digitized quilting designs” so I am assuming that it wasn’t free-hand quilted, although she must be given a lot of credit for designing such an intricate pattern!!

This next quilt was made by Elda Alencar……

“Lencois Maranhenses”

She said that she was a 73-year-old Brazilian quilter who had only discovered machine quilting a few years ago. I would say that she has done pretty well for herself!!

This Christmas offering is from Inger Blood…..

This quilt showcased a scalloped border, Brodereie Perse applique and quilting with metallic thread…..


This final one is from Sharyl Sheppard and it was probably my favorite of all…….

“Jerry’s Pier”

Look at the way she quilted these larger pebbles….

I love the idea of adding something to the inside of the pebbles!!

And these “waves” of FMQ designs were a great addition to the sky…..

There were a huge number of quits with magnificent FMQ, but they were all in other categories.

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