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The Quilts of Cotton Patch…..

Here are a few more quilts from my guild’s latest show.

This first one was one of my favorites…..

“Winter’s Last Laugh” by Pat Schroder

I love the fabrics that she chose…especially the gradation in the background.

She also made this quilt as part of a “deconstructed” challenge…..

“Improv” by Pat Schroder

I love how she used the chains to connect all of the pieces.

Another of our quilt designers is Christina Dickerson. This is one of her designs……

“Cross Track” by Christina Dickerson

You might want to check out her website….. CMarieQuilts

I also enjoyed the geometric lines in this quilt…..

“Kozmic Debriz” by Mai Whigham

and, have a look at the quilting on this improv pieced quilt….

“Rose On A Hill” by Janelle Lang

We showed a number of collage quilts and this one was a favorite…..

“Phoenix Rising” by Sue Trinrud

Finally, I love this quilt that was part of our “Bear With Me” challenge…..

“Bear In The Woods” by Linda Murray

There are so many things that I like about this quilt…… the alternate colorway, the look on the bear’s face, the bird in the corner, and the tree trunk!!

So….there are a few more quilts from the amazing quilters of the Cotton Patch Quilters Guild in Athens, GA.

Now I can’t wait for our next show in 2025!!

If you have an interest in ruler quilting, check out this online course…..

Click HERE for more information

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