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More from the show….

You have waited for a week, so let’s look at a few more quilts from the Cotton Patch Quilters Show in Athens, Georgia.

This first one was a favorite quilt……

“Little Amsterdam” by Mary Beth Tawfik

In particular, I love the shape and design of the houses. They look EXACTLY like pictures that I have seen from Amsterdam. Unfortunately, I haven’t been there myself but hopefully, sometime I will get to experience them.

It was made even more enjoyable when I realized that Mary Beth had actually designed the quilt herself and that the pattern was for sale. Check out this ETSY site for more

This next one is a piece of quilted art…..

“Time & Relative Dimensions in Space” by Charles Nicolossi

Charles joined the guild 10+ years ago, starting out as a traditional quilter but quickly moving his talent into other, more non-traditional work. His designs are quilted onto canvas and then stretched over a wooden frame. As you can see, he makes good use of his machine’s decorative stitches!!

And HOW can you not like a quilt that has a Dr. Who Tardis on it???

This quilt was a work of great patience…..

“2000 in 2022” by Carol Ann Burns

It is made of 2-inch squares….2,000 of them to be exact!!!

I especially love the way it sparkles!!

Speaking of sparkle, have a look at this one……

“Raindrops” by Hanna Chupp

Personally, I would LOVE to take a walk in the rain if it was in these colors!!

Finally for today are two quilts by the same artist. Sharon took an online class during COVID and has gone to town with these…..

“Flower Garden” by Sharon Rockholt
“Leaves” by Sharon Rockholt

Don’t you love the dimension and colors in both of these pieces??

As you can see there is SO much talent in our little group of 100 quilters. Come back tomorrow for more!!

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Thank you…….

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