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Climbing the Stair-Step Grid

Today, I am showing the easiest grid EVER.

If you can count to TWO then you can accomplish this fun pattern.

And even though it is easy, it looks great!!

But before I could start this one, I had to do a little bit of prep work. Last time I had filled my first practice piece…..

….so it was time to make another one…..

That accomplished, it was time to start doing some Stair-Stepping…..and believe me, it is a lot easier than that Step-machine at the gym!!

(IF you receive notification of this blog via email, the video will NOT appear and you will need to click into the actual blog to get to the video. It’s one of those “technical” issues I can’t do anything about!!)

That is not bad at all……

This pattern will definitely go into my “must use” list!!

If you have an interest in ruler quilting, check out this online course…..

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