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Time’s up…..

Tuesday was my BIG deadline day!!!

And I made it…..YIPPEE…..

So yesterday, I had a bit later start to the day and worked more in my office, but in a much more relaxed manner!!

And then at 4:00pm, I decided that it was time to do something else…..



I have two challenges quickly approaching……

The first is the Monarch Challenge from Cherrywood Fabrics….

….and the second is a “Drunkard’s Path” challenge in my local guild…..

The question is WHEN am I going to find time to make two quilts?

The answer is NEVER…..however, I MIGHT be able to make ONE!! I am thinking that I can use the monarch challenge fabrics but make the background in the Drunkards Path design.

What do you think???

The Monarch Challenge has a size limitation of 20 inches. Fortunately, the guild challenge doesn’t have a specified size.

What if I start with the background and do it in a Drunkard’s Path design? Maybe something like this…..

My biggest concern with this plan is that I have a limited amount of fabrics for the background (3 fat-quarters in various greens)……

….so I am doing a LOT of planning before I start cutting!!!

Stay tuned to see what happens next!!

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