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Borders for Pooh!!

Yesterday I showed the start of a Pooh baby quilt, leaving it at this stage…..

I had sewn sets of strips together and cut them into two patch blocks……

….and then sewed those into 4-patches that I placed around the blue border…..

I liked how it looked but felt that I needed to bring some more red into the design. I started trying an outside border…..

…..but decided that it would look better with an inside border.

My problem was that the side had to be divisible by 2 and since I hadn’t really planned my borders first, I ended up trimming off 1/8th inch pieces until I got it to the correct size.

I started adding the squares and loved how it was looking…..

I added the two side borders and…..


It should be fun and easy to quilt and then it can be shipped off!!!

Come back on Friday for the quilting!!

Now a question for you….. what type of quilt do you make when you need a quick baby quilt???

If you have an interest in ruler quilting, check out this online course…..

Click HERE for more information

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