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Trip update

Hello from Johannesburg!!!

It is 6:00 am on Tuesday morning here, we are rested and ready to start the next section of our journey.

Our flight was about 1.5 hours late due to a thunderstorm in Atlanta, but it was one of the most effortless 15 hours flights we have ever been on. We paid a bit extra for Comfort Plus seats which gave us more legroom, plugs for our devices, and nicer food. It was worth every penny!!

And EVERY person that we have dealt with has been smiling and kind and fun to talk to!!

The colors in the Johannesburg airport were excellent, all represented in this fun wall in the baggage area…..

We were met at the airport by the greeters from AfricaSky guesthouse and driven to our sleeping quarters for the evening.

BUT FIRST….there was dinner…..at 10:00 pm!! I had a marvelous chicken schnitzel and excellent veggies, finishing with a bread pudding and a cup of tea.

We waddled back to our room and fell into bed. The 5-hour sleep was short but definitely effective!! We are both feeling great this morning as we head to Mozambique and Coutada 11!!

You might think that the word guesthouse might mean a basic living space but not here.

Here is our room for the evening…..

….and nothing says “Welcome” like towel Elephants!!!

But the BEST thing about the room was sharing the bathroom with a Rhino…..

…..In A BATHTUB!!!!

Stay tuned…..I may not have internet capabilities for the next week, but will certainly catch you up when we are wired again!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing the start of this exciting adventure. I can’t for the next post.

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