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Cheetah dinner

I am THRILLED that we have decent internet in camp this year which means that I can post while we are here!!

We flew out of Johannesburg and headed to Beira Mozambique. The flight was easy with gorgeous cloud views….

We were met at the Beira airport by our helicopter pilot, Heather…..

and after a 1-hour flight…..

We arrived at Coutada 11 and immediately went to work (if you can call it work!!)

There is a long story about the re-development of the ecosystem in Coutada 11 (Coutada is the Portuguese word for hunting concession). If you are interested in the full story, check out this post, but I will warn you that you may have to think about things in a different way…..

The posts that come after this one tell more about all of the good work that Mark Haldane and his crew have accomplished over the last two decades.

They are in the process of re-introducing Cheetahs to the area and we were here in 2021 when the original 12 were brought in. Unfortunately, one of the male Cheetahs had broken his foot and has now had surgery and is living in a Bouma (natural pen) for a couple of months. Fortunately for us, he has to be fed and we got to be there for the feeding time!!

Tamar is the scientist who is the “keeper of the cheetahs”……

As we drove up in her vehicle, the male immediately rose up out of the grass and bounded to the fence, knowing that food was coming…..

He made a crying noise, indicating that he was VERY frustrated that it was taking so long!!!

When Tamar pulled out the first hunk of Reed Buck, the cat tensed and got ready to catch it when it flew over the fence….

Once he had “captured” his prey, he ran off to eat in peace…..

While he was engaged, Tamar entered the pen and put out two more meat chunks.

He finished one and then stealthily approached to capture the next one….

Once he had finished “din-din’s” we headed back to camp for the next part of our day…

Stay tuned!!! The next post contains Pangolins!!!

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