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Seth is on the move again…

Michael and I have a good friend name Seth. He is one of those people who has many, varied interests and he is always on the look for the next cool thing.

Fortunately for me, quilts are one of the things in his search engine so he often sends me photos of his encounters.

This quilt came from the Philbrook Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma……

It was made in 1991 by Elizabeth Talford Scott. This is the artist’s statement…..

Tie Quilt #2 exemplifies Elizabeth Talford Scott’s innovative approach to quilting, combining objects from many generations of family and friends into a single work. In this piece, more than forty vibrant ties are sewn together and embellished with ornate embroidery, glimmering buttons, and beads in a work suggestive of a family crest or landscape. Well versed in traditional quilting-making techniques, Scott became know for working intuitively and without a pattern.

THANKS, Seth for this glimpse into the world of quilts made from ties!!

While I enjoy all aspects of the wonderful art of quilting, I equally enjoy presenting inspirations and stories from around the world. To make sure that you don’t miss a single one, be sure to subscribe to this blog!!

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