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Mungari Farewell

There is something about Coutada 11 that gets under your skin!!   Even with finding scorpions on my bedspread, collecting a leach on the floodplain, and showering with brown water, I would return in a heartbeat.

Seeing the animals roaming freely and living their lives in an area where no animals used to exist gives credence to Mark Haldane’s vision. And the vision continues with lions, cheetahs, and now even pangolins. 

But the true heart of C-11 are the people. Mark’s irascible personality…..

….infects everyone in camp and you are immediately considered part of the family!!

As I said goodbye to the camp managers…Poppie, Barbara and Corene….it was with a very heavy heart but I know that they will continue to bring joy to many others who come after me

Raol, the energizer bunny of the camp….

……took care of our every need, from bringing a pot of tea each morning to returning our washed clothes each evening.

Bredger and Vashko (our guide and tracker) were amazing, always on the lookout for animals but equally attentive to our personal needs

And this trip was made extra special due to the tireless work of the two scientists on staff, Willem and Tamar…..

They never tired of answering our questions about the animals in their care and they ensured that we had the best opportunities to interact with them.  

I am writing this as we fly in our 6-seater plane back to Beira and civilization…..

…and honestly, I am tearing up as I think about all of these lovely people.

So….thank you Mark Haldane and everybody at Coutada 11….you guys are the very best!!!

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  1. Francis, enjoyed following your amazing adventure…your heart is filled with God’s love for all people and places..and you share that love and joy with others. Thank you

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