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Kat River roundup

Before we head to our next destination, let’s just do a quick montage of all of the other stuff that happened at Murray’s place!!

Each morning there are pots of coffee and water sitting by the campfire…..

I found this scene to be comforting!!!

One of the nights was Murray’s parents’ 54th wedding anniversary and we were invited to be part of the celebration. It was so special to help celebrate with Andre & Val…..

We ate in an upstairs room that was decorated and set up beautifully. We had a menu…..

The food was amazing…..

And we had Malva Pudding for dessert…..

We have enjoyed this dessert twice now so I looked up the recipe and will definitely make it at home. You can check it out HERE.

There were several interesting decorations in the main sitting area, starting with these bowls….

….but my best discovery was a fiber art piece hiding under a display….

It was much larger than I expected so I asked two of the camp staff to help display it…..

Isn’t this a great design!!!

Speaking of the staff, our chef was Lamie….

She was originally Murray’s Nannie and has been with the family for a lot of years!!

Her assistant was Poosh…..

She was always busy working at some task!!

I made a quick spin around the property one morning and enjoyed seeing some of the flora of the area. This cactus reminded me of Texas…..

As I was wandering around, I noticed this small cactus laying in the path…..

This is a form of a jumping cholla, and I knew enough about it to know that there was a “parent plant” somewhere around. Sure enough, about 2 feet away I found this one…..

If you have never seen these plants, the “nodes” come off easily as you brush past them and MAN are they sticky!!!

You also have to watch out for a number of trees with thorns….. LONG THORNS…..

Finally, I wanted to share an amazing live wreath that they had….

The bottom portion of the wreath is a section of a bike/motorcycle tire that has been filled with potting soil and the succulents are planted there…..

It was gorgeous!!

So it is time to say good-bye to Murray’s place and Kat River…..

Now it is time to move on to our next place…..stay tuned!!!

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