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10,000 steps the hard way

The next morning we rose early and headed out again. This time we were looking for birds.

Now, birds are hard to photograph so I am not going to give you amazing photos to look at, but want to tell you the story of the day.

It was a TOUGH day physically!! At the end of the day, my phone gave me this update of my “health”…..

The key factors here are 11,776 steps and 43 flights of stairs climbed.

But this day wasn’t easy walking. It was walking thru scrub…..

…scrambling over rocks……

……crossing streams…..

…navigating small “forests”……

….and picking my way thru bog areas too!!

But it was worth it when a flock of Guinea Fowl would fly in front of us……

They were amazing birds and could run almost as fast as they could fly!! It was fun to watch them running along the ground and then finally taking flight…..much like an airliner would taxi before taking off!!

We had three dogs with us …..

…and it was fun to watch them throughout the day. From their ears blowing in the wind…..

….to their antics in the water….

This is Lilly, and she LOVED the water…..

The dogs were used to flush the birds out and it was fun to listen to the tracker, Vusi, talking to them. He would say “Steady Shinga…..slow…..slow”!!

As I said, it was a hard day physically, but SO very much fun and in SUCH an amazing area…..

On one of our moves, we passed this sweet church…..

….founded by one of Robbie’s relatives!!

I loved the stained glass window…..

It was simple but effective!!

I was also able to take a few foliage/flower photos while I was trying to keep up…..

I really like this one as it was a good example of how dry it was….

We spent the deepening light sitting on a pond and watching ducks come in…..

The prettiest ones were the Yellow-Billed Teal (not my photo)….

As the night lengthened we also saw Red Billed Teal, Ibises, and Coots!!

As the sun started to set…..

….I was FREEZING so we headed back to the house.

My thought was to quickly get into the shower and increase my core temperature, but we arrived to find that another group had moved into the house too. It was fun to find out that many of this group had attended Texas Tech University and one zealous alumni had brought a flag, so THIS happened……


The next morning it was time to return to Johannesburg. There were a couple of fun things that I learned along the way…..

They have “speed calming” bumps instead of just “Speed bumps” and the “stoplights”……

….are called robots!!

We boarded our small plane…..

…pleased that another step of our trip was completed.

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