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Remembering WHY I quilt

Yesterday I posted about receiving two “NO THANK YOU’s” from quilt shows and I confessed that it was a bit depressing……

BUT TODAY, let’s remember why I make quilts!!!

My daughter sent this photo of she and Archer……

…..enjoying the quilt that I (Nana) made!!

AND really, THAT is what quilting is all about!!!!

Don’t you agree??

9 thoughts on “Remembering WHY I quilt

  1. I so agree! As “Upcycle Woman” I take others free fabric and make quilts to give away. It’s so rewarding.

    1. I love that name Valerie!! Most of my fabric stash has been gifted to me at one time or the other and I love making a quilt without buying a single thing!!!

  2. Absolutely. The joy you share with others by gifting beautiful quilts is worth more than any judged piece. By all means, keep on quilting

  3. I agree Frances. Quilting is for family and friends and keeps us sane, but the grandchildren are to best. We are planning to fly to Boston the end of the month. We have 3 grandchildren there. Geoff and Drew are coming to see us this week. I hope our plans work out. Andy still gets very tired. I am trucking along learning to walk more. Your trip looked wonderful. I think the best part was the lion king. He put on quite a show for you. I hope a lion quilt is in your future plans. Jodie.

    1. Thanks Jodie. I hope that you have a wonderful time in Boston. Maybe it will be cooler there!!! I am glad that you and Andy are both recovering from your surgeries. A lion quilt…..I honestly hadn’t thought about it!! Dang you….now that is all i CAN think about!!!

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