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Let’s Reboot!!!

I had a day in my studio but there was a problem!!

Firstly, as I mentioned last week, I was a bit bummed because I had just received TWO “no thank you’s” from major shows.

Secondly, this was the first time since December that I had been completely free to quilt!! Work had kept me busy thru April and when I had time to quilt in May, there were two SPECIFIC projects that I needed to work on.

Then we spent three weeks in Africa where all I did was gather more ideas and inspirations!!

So there I was…..ready to work but not sure how!!

I have two MAJOR projects that I want to finish in the next month or so. The first is Sadie…..

….and the second is to quilt this monster that I started in 2020…..

But I just wasn’t quite ready to start on such big projects!!

I had just watched a video from Karen Brown of “Just Get It Done Quilts” and she had talked about the idea of “rebooting”!! You can check out her video here….

She suggests starting with small things, like maybe folding fabric or tidying up.

I decided to follow her suggestions.

First I set my machine back up (my friend Marnie had house sat and needed a space for her machine so mine had been moved)…..

It was good to see “Juanita” ready for action again.

Then I decided to give her a good clean….

….and since she is a manual machine, she needed some oil too…..

While she was unthreaded, why not wind some bobbins….

So now I was READY to sew….but what to sew on??

I remembered a project that I started at a guild retreat……

…..so I pulled the box out…..

….and started sewing!!

Come back tomorrow and I will show exactly what I worked on and how this “easy” task turned into something more!!!

If you subscribe to my mailing list, you can receive this free pattern for “Dancing Squares”…..

You can sign up HERE……

2 thoughts on “Let’s Reboot!!!

  1. Hi Frances, I like the Squares dancing pattern as I can use scraps of fabrics. I have a quilt list of ‘to-do’ ones and will add it to my list.
    A question on your bobbin threads, do you always use a light gray?

    1. Hi Pam. I often use a gray thread. It just seems pretty versatile. If I am working with pastels, I will switch to a cream. I have recently gotten caught with my stitches showing in the seams so am trying to be a bit more cognizant of what I am using!!

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