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Prepping to quilt!!

One of my goals for the next 4 to 6 weeks is to start and finish the quilting on this bad boy…….

It is a BIG quilt and it will be a BIG job to quilt!!

Over the last 2 years (since I finished the top), I have thought a lot about how I was going to quilt it and have drawn out SO many ideas!!

My first thought was to use lots of colored threads, but the more I thought about it, I am thinking that I will go with lots of straight lines in the background colors, maybe something like this…..

Even though this is just a rough idea, it still means that I need to decide on threads and get them organized.

Fortunately, I had three of the colors needed…..

Light Grey Omni for the inside circle…..

(I won’t need much of this one).

Omni Medium Grey works perfectly for the next color gradation……

….and this Signature Black will be great for the darkest area…..

So that leaves one gradation to fill and an Omni Dark Grey should fit the part!!

It has been ordered which puts me ONE step closer to actually starting to quilt!!!

The next decision is what batting to use. I have toyed with using a double bat, but it would make a very large quilt sandwich even LARGER and I am not sure that I want to deal with that!!

I have been dreading this project for a long time and I need to make sure that the green circle doesn’t come into play with it…..

So readers…..keep on me to make sure that I get this done SOON!!!

If you have an interest in ruler quilting, check out this online course…..

Click HERE for more information

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