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Too pretty to use

We all have fabrics that have sat on our shelves for years because they were simply too pretty to cut up.

I hadn’t realized it, but I also have threads that I treat the same way!!

In 2020 I made this quilt top…..

….thinking that I would use lots of colors of thread for the quilting

When Christmas rolled around, all I wanted was one thread collection from Aurifil…..Patrick Lose Essentials. Forty-five spools of thread in an amazing array of colors.

It came in a pretty box and I dutifully put it in a drawer of its own so I wouldn’t use it for any other purpose…….

So, two and a half years have come and gone, and that thread box is still in the drawer.

As I posted yesterday, my plan for this quilt has changed, and I will probably just use shades of gray in the quilting.

So what am I going to do with these threads?

Let them sit?

Or, get them ready to use.

 I chose the latter!!

At first, I took the threads out of the box and put them in their respective thread drawers……

….but quickly realized that having the wrappers on them was going to make it harder for me to grab and use and consequently, I probably would never touch them 

I had to do something about that!!

It took about 20 minutes, but I carefully unwrapped each thread…..

….and added it to my thread cabinet……

I needn’t have worried about mixing them up with my other threads, as the bright red spool makes them easy to distinguish.

I am delighted with the additions to my purple threads as those were a bit scarce….


So, that job is finished and the upside is that I have a fun box to do something with…..

…..and a COMPLETELY empty drawer…

I’m sure I can find something to fill it up with!!

If you like my thread cabinet, you can learn more in this post……

….and it can be purchased HERE.

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4 thoughts on “Too pretty to use

  1. Reminded me of a thread tower my daughter bought for me. It’s in the basement. In my defense, that’s where my sewing space used to be. lol Bringing it out of the dark Today!! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

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