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Circle Grid Quilting

When I was first thinking about Grid Quilting, I attended a lecture from Sue Heinz of Kismet Quilting.

In her lecture, she introduced me to CIRCULAR GRID QUILTING!!!!……


I have gnashed over the idea for the last 7 months and finally decided that it was time to face my fears….put on my big-girl panties…..and give it a try!!


It was easier than I EVER expected it to be.

Check it out here……

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If you are interested in any of the products that were discussed……

Sue’s book can be purchased HERE.

And the Circle Drawing tool can be purchased

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4 thoughts on “Circle Grid Quilting

  1. Wow! I’m so impressed that you tried this design out in front of all of us! It looks great. You didn’t obsess about it–which is wonderful. I find when I am doing zentangle and I make a mark that is slightly off, if I just keep going, when the design is all filled out the minor irregularities don’t detract very much, if at all.

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