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Over the last two weeks, I have tried three different methods for preparing pieces for applique and finally declared a winner using Heat Resistant Template Plastic!!!

Here is that post……

There are two products that made this process so easy and both come from the talented Karen Kay Buckley.

I was first introduced to her at the International Quilt Festival in 2018. I loved her down-to-earth presentation about prepping applique pieces and I REALLY love her tools!!

First of all, is her “Heat Resistant Template Plastic”….

The operative words here are “HEAT RESISTANT”!! Since you are ironing on top of the plastic it is VERY important.

I did learn that I was using too hot of a setting on mine when the template started to buckle a bit, so turn it down!!

Next are her scissors!!

There are two different kinds…. one for cutting the template plastic…..

These are called “Multi-Purpose” scissors….

…and they come in an amazing range of sizes.

I particularly like the large, open handles. They are certainly easy on these arthritic hands!!

Next are her fabric scissors…….

They have the same “easy to use” handles, but the great part about them is the micro-serrated blades that keep the fabric from slipping so that cutting is more accurate.

I especially love them for snipping curves…..

I am always worried about this step because I am afraid that I will either snip too far or not far enough. These scissors hold the fabric in place giving a perfect snip every time!!

I love to find a product that makes my life easier and these scissors certainly meet that criteria!!

Do you have quilting tools that make your life easier? Let me know what they are!!!

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