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Let’s make some thread “grass”

This week we are making a background for Sadie, the Saddle-Billed Stork…..

It was important to me that I find a way to simulate the grass in Sadie’s meadow!!

But HOW???

Then I had the idea to make “thread grass”, using the same technique that you use to make thread lace.

The only difference will be that I am going to add all sorts of “rubbish” to the lace to make it look like sticks and plants embedded in the grass.

This is a three-step process and today we are checking out the first step…..prepping the background.

In this video, you see many of the products that I used. You also see that I changed my mind about halfway through and pulled a bunch of stuff off and started over!!!


Making Thread Lace – Part 1

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If you are interested in trying this technique, the VIlene can be purchased on Amazon.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the second step in making the thread lace.

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