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Let’s add the thread

Yesterday I posted about the starting process for making thread lace…..or thread grass in this case and when I left you it looked like this…..

I can hear you asking….”exactly what am I supposed to be seeing here?”.

Remember that there are bits of wool roving and strings and fabric slivers and all sorts of materials sandwiched between these two pieces of Water Soluble Sticky Vilene.

Today we are adding THREAD…..THREAD……THREAD

I could see the bits that were trapped in the Vilene as I stitched…..

….increasing both my CONCERN and my EXCITEMENT about how this was all going to work!!

This was the longest process in the making of the grass but it was a good excuse to drive FAST with my machine!!


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I had originally planned to use a bunch of different threads, but then I found this variegated “King Tut #880 (Green Olives)” from Superior Thread

It gave all of the color variations that I wanted and was MUCH easier to use!!!

This is how it looked towards the end of the day…..

Definitely more to see, but still a bit weird!!

Come back tomorrow as we do the magic washout!!

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