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August was challenging!!

Now that the month is over, it is time to report about my August challenge of…..

First of all, I finished the month with 126.5 hours…..1.5 hours over my goal….

During the month I spent 15 hours finishing up “Sadie the Saddle Billed Stork”….

…20 hours making the Whale baby quilt…..

…..and 30 hours quilting on the color wheel quilt…..

42.25 hours were spent on “Frances Quilts” stuff, including making quilting videos, writing blogs, and other business-related things. You might think that this really wasn’t creative time, but actually, a lot of creativity goes into doing those things and it is time that I truly enjoy.

I spent 5 hours working thru a Procreate course with this apple being my best drawing……

I read a book about embroidery and got re-excited about a piece that my Mom started many years ago. At night, I spent 3.5 hours adding flowers to it……

…..AND, I spent 3.5 hours working on a VERY long-term Needlepoint project……

The rest of the time was spent shopping, visiting with friends, cleaning up my studio, enjoying my quilt guild meeting, and visiting a small art show.

But as important as the projects were, the biggest bonus was the things that I learned…

  • If I want to be consistently creative, I have to PLAN IT. I can’t just hope that I will find time after I finish all of my other work.
  • If I want to be consistently creative, I have to be mindful of my time and avoid all of the ways that I can waste it!!
  • If I want to be consistently creative, I have to stay organized so that I know what I am working on next.
  • If I want to be consistently creative, I have to be open to new ideas, techniques, and possibilities.

Have you ever challenged yourself in this way?

What was the result??

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